The city is a lie

The lie is that we can separate human life from the environment, using concrete, glass, steel, maps, planning, and infrastructure to forge a space apart. To live in the world, we must see our cities for the complex environmental assemblages that they are.

Lesson from the pandemic: We have to stop eating meat

Abolishing the livestock industry and replacing it with vast new forests could achieve more than electrifying the entire transport sector. It would be easier and quicker to accomplish because it requires no new technologies or dramatic infrastructural changes.

Why we need city trees more than ever

As city populations soar, it might seem like there isn’t much room for trees. But ecologists say these climatic powerhouses are an often overlooked solution to the health and environmental issues greater density brings.

Alberta: bringing coal back

In a desperate economic moment, Alberta is abruptly reshaping a decades-old balance in the Rockies and Foothills, chasing opportunity in the volatile market of coal exports, at the risk of the very land that defines the province and its people.