Global warming set to break key 1.5C limit for first time

Researchers say there’s now a 66% chance we will pass the 1.5C global warming threshold between now and 2027. The chances are rising due to emissions from human activities and a likely El Niño weather pattern later this year.

Scientists release ‘survival guide’ to avert climate disaster

The report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is agreed on by all governments involved. The study aims to boil down to one slim volume landmark findings on the causes, impacts, and solutions to climate change that have been released since 2018.

A water crisis in the U.S. southwest

To avert catastrophe, the U.S. government will propose historic cuts in water access to the Colorado River. It’s a frantic move to protect a river that provides drinking water, electricity, and food for many millions of people throughout the continent.