China and US pledge climate change commitment

China and the US say they are committed to working together and with other countries on tackling climate change. They both agreed on further specific actions to reduce emissions, a joint statement on Sunday confirmed.

The road from Rome

Rome’s most important legacy was its fall. Had its empire not unravelled, or had it been replaced by a similarly overpowering successor, the world wouldn’t have become modern.

Siberia’s sacred lake

Lake Baikal in Siberia has become a top destination for Russian and foreign tourists. But many fear the influx of visitors and their garbage is imperilling it and there is deep mistrust over the Putin government’s efforts to manage the issue.

Companies back moratorium on deep sea mining

For years it was only environmental groups that objected to the idea of digging up metals from the deep sea. But now BMW, Volvo, Google and Samsung are lending their weight to calls for a moratorium on the proposals.

Farmed fish suffer pain and stress, says report

Those who care about the welfare of fish and seafood should opt for clams, mussels, or seaweed; a new report says popular fish, including farmed Atlantic salmon and trout, have more complex welfare needs and are more likely to experience pain and suffering.

Energy is the key to humanity’s world domination

From early humans rubbing sticks together to make fire, to the fossil fuels that drove the industrial revolution, energy has played a central role in our development as a species. But the way we power our societies has also created our biggest challenge.

Canada’s Supreme Court rules carbon price constitutional

In a 6-3 decision, the country’s highest court has ruled the federal price on carbon, which affects both consumers and large industrial emitters, does not violate the rights of individual provinces and is a critical response to the threat of climate change.