India plans to fell ancient forest to create 40 new coalfields

Under a new “self-reliant India” plan by the prime minister, Narendra Modi, to boost the economy post-Covid-19 and reduce costly imports, 40 new coalfields in some of India’s most ecologically sensitive forests are to be opened up for commercial mining.

The city is a lie

The lie is that we can separate human life from the environment, using concrete, glass, steel, maps, planning, and infrastructure to forge a space apart. To live in the world, we must see our cities for the complex environmental assemblages that they are.

How the hard lesson of Covid could help gorillas

The story of mountain gorillas shows that through governmental leadership, on-the-ground partnership, and community-based initiatives to improve life for people nearby, we can change the tide for a species on the brink of extinction — and for the planet.

Lesson from the pandemic: We have to stop eating meat

Abolishing the livestock industry and replacing it with vast new forests could achieve more than electrifying the entire transport sector. It would be easier and quicker to accomplish because it requires no new technologies or dramatic infrastructural changes.

Perseverance robot launches to detect life on Mars

The one-tonne, six-wheeled rover was launched out of Florida by an Atlas rocket on a path to intercept the Red Planet in February next year. When it lands, the NASA robot will also gather rock and soil samples to be sent home later this decade.

Why we need city trees more than ever

As city populations soar, it might seem like there isn’t much room for trees. But ecologists say these climatic powerhouses are an often overlooked solution to the health and environmental issues greater density brings.

Most polar bears to disappear by 2100, study predicts

Scientists have predicted for the first time when, where, and how polar bears are likely to disappear because of climate change. As early as 2040, it is likely that many polar bears will begin to experience reproductive failure, leading to local extinctions.