The face of the fish

They’re not cuddly, they don’t behave at all like us – yet they are sentient. Why fish belong in the moral community.

How different are we after all?

The traits proposed to define us — tool use, language, empathy, and so on — assume that humanity’s essence resides in what sets us apart from other beings. Yet, a seismic readjustment to that canon is well under way.

Do we need to work less to save the world?

We know we need to consume less for the good of the planet, but what if those sacrifices were balanced against the incentive of shorter working hours? The pandemic could hold lessons for how we think about work.

EU to make big push for hydrogen despite concerns

Hydrogen is a clean fuel when burned, making it attractive for heavy industry, but most is derived from fossil fuels not renewable energy. There are also concerns about whether existing infrastructure can meet the demand.

Threat of famines in parts of Africa and Asia

The economic fallout from the pandemic could push tens of millions of people into deeper poverty — and hunger. Across parts of Africa and Asia, starvation could be deadlier than the disease itself.

Where did the grandeur go?

Capitalism has captured the future, and is now commodifying it and selling it back to us as gizmos and widgets, or else distracting us with fantasy that refuses to engage with real problems. We need the sense that the future can be radically different.