Joe Biden picks John Kerry as envoy on climate change

John Kerry said the next US administration would treat the climate crisis as “the urgent national security threat it is”. Kerry, who signed the Paris climate Agreement on behalf of the US in 2016, will work to address climate change full time.

Will Saudi Arabia derail G20 climate-led recovery?

Saudi Aramco, has emitted significantly more CO2 than any other major fossil fuel company over the last half century. Saudi Arabia’s own pandemic recovery plan aims to bail out an oil industry that brings in over 60% of government revenues.

War threatens Ethiopia’s struggle against locusts

After a long rainy reason, what the UN called the “worst locust swarm in 25 years” has returned with a vengeance to the Horn of Africa. As surveillance and spraying operations cease due to conflict, there are fears the existing food crisis could worsen.

New Atlantic marine sanctuary will be one of world’s largest

The waters around Tristan da Cunha, in the middle of the South Atlantic, are set to become a completely protected marine area. The region is home to whales, sharks, seals, and tens of millions of seabirds, such as yellow-nosed albatross and rockhopper penguins.