History as a giant data set

Calculating the patterns and cycles of the past could lead us to a better understanding of history. Could it also help us prevent a looming crisis?

Climategate 10 years on: what lessons have we learned?

Climategate marks its 10th anniversary this month – an opportune moment to reflect on just how serious was its impact on efforts to stop Earth from being ravaged by rising seas, spreading deserts, disappearing coral reefs, and suffocating heat.

A view from everywhere all the time

Tech companies are rapidly networking the environment in ways that will transform our perception of nature—just as social media reshaped our relationships with each other. What could possibly go wrong?

Healthy diet means a healthy planet, study shows

The analysis assessed the health and environmental impacts of 15 foods common in Western diets and found fruit, vegetables, beans, and wholegrains were best for both avoiding disease and protecting the climate and water resources.

Has Google achieved ‘quantum supremacy’?

Google claims to have achieved “quantum supremacy” by building a sophisticated quantum computer vastly superior to even the most powerful standard computer in the world – but IBM disagrees.