Dumped fishing gear is killing marine life

How do fishing vessels lose so many of their nets and longlines that this “ghost gear”, drifting through the oceans, now presents a mortal threat to whales, dolphins, turtles, and much of the rest of the life of the sea?

James Webb telescope completes epic deployment sequence

The biggest astronomical mirror ever sent into space is assembled and ready for focusing. The golden reflector, the centrepiece of the new James Webb telescope, was straightened out on Saturday into its full, 6.5m-wide, concave shape.

A $10bn ‘glittering space jewel’ begins its mission

Video of the moment the James Webb telescope came off the top of its rocket to begin its mission. Scientists believe the telescope will go on to make transformative discoveries about the early universe, and about planets circling far-off stars.

Edward O. Wilson, leading U.S. biologist, dies at 92

Edward O. Wilson, the sometimes-controversial U.S. biologist, professor, and author known as “Darwin’s natural heir”, who studied insects and human behaviour, has died at the age of 92, his foundation said Monday.

Perfectly preserved dinosaur embryo found in China

Scientists have announced the discovery of a perfectly preserved dinosaur embryo that was preparing to hatch from its egg, just like a chicken. The discovery has given researchers a greater understanding of the link between dinosaurs and modern birds.

Where does wind power make sense?

Wind and solar power are cheap, climate-friendly, and set to become mainstays of future energy supplies. But the energy generated varies greatly depending on the region. Which mix makes sense?

Ariel: Contract signed to build European planet telescope

A €200m contract has been signed with European industry to build the Ariel space telescope. The observatory will study planets around other stars to try to understand how these objects formed and how they have evolved through time.

Shell pulls out of Cambo oil field development

Oil giant Shell has pulled out of the controversial Cambo oil field development west of Shetland. The company had a 30% stake in the field, which has faced sustained criticism from environmental groups.