All 20 biodiversity targets missed: UN report

Humanity has failed to fully achieve any of the 20 global biodiversity targets set by the UN ten years ago and has “partly achieved” just six of them, according to a landmark assessment of biodiversity published Tuesday.

Astronomers may have found hints of life in clouds of Venus

Astronomers have detected a chemical signature in the atmosphere of Venus that may be associated with life. While they can’t be sure it’s life, they have ruled out any other known sources that could have produced the chemical compound, phosphine.

Why Canada’s geothermal industry is finally gaining ground

Heat from below the Earth’s surface has provided a reliable source of electricity in many countries — but not Canada. Now, projects in western provinces could herald a new era for this resource and offer job opportunities for former oil and gas workers.

‘We are not locked into fossil fuels in Africa’

As Africa develops faster, countries are shifting their focus towards renewable energy investment. The director of think tank Power Shift Africa explains how the continent can embark on a journey towards a green future.

African ministers call for investment in Great Green Wall

Ministers from 11 African countries in the Sahel region met virtually on Monday to take stock of progress in implementing the Great Green Wall, an ambitious vision to create a 15 kilometre wide and 8,000 kilometre long strip of vegetation across Africa.

Countries promise green recovery at virtual summit

Ministers from China, EU, and other major economies outlined plans to build back better after the coronavirus pandemic at a meeting convened by Japan. But since the start of the pandemic, G20 governments have pledged 52% of energy support to fossil fuels.

New UK law to curb deforestation in supply chains

A proposed law would require larger companies operating in the UK to show where commodities such as cocoa, soy, rubber, and palm oil originated from. Critics though say the plan is flawed and lacks detail on penalties.