UK launches study into nuclear-powered space exploration

Nuclear propulsion would accelerate propellants, like hydrogen, at huge speeds. Spacecraft powered by this kind of engine might make it to Mars in just 3 to 4 months – roughly half the time of the fastest possible trip using the current chemical propulsion.

Pandemic and Africa on agenda at 2021 One Planet Summit

World leaders aiming to make 2021 “a milestone for the mobilization for nature” have met for the year’s first major environment summit. The event saw pledges to protect the planet and funds for Africa’s Great Green Wall.

Focus on jobs helps poorer nations raise climate ambition

Developing nations can use the Covid-19 recovery to raise their climate ambition by creating green jobs. That has become the mantra of the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI), which is helping countries develop new and improved national climate plans.

Environment now: vital signs

Graphs track a selection of the planet’s vital signs: global temperature, atmospheric carbon dioxide, ice mass on land, sea level, and Arctic sea ice.