‘We are not locked into fossil fuels in Africa’

As Africa develops faster, countries are shifting their focus towards renewable energy investment. The director of think tank Power Shift Africa explains how the continent can embark on a journey towards a green future.

How the hard lesson of Covid could help gorillas

The story of mountain gorillas shows that through governmental leadership, on-the-ground partnership, and community-based initiatives to improve life for people nearby, we can change the tide for a species on the brink of extinction — and for the planet.

Where did the grandeur go?

Capitalism has captured the future, and is now commodifying it and selling it back to us as gizmos and widgets, or else distracting us with fantasy that refuses to engage with real problems. We need the sense that the future can be radically different.

‘We can shape a totally different world’

The coronavirus crisis has proved that radical change can happen in a short period of time. But can we harness this awareness to bring about systemic transformation? German transformation researcher Maja Göpel says it’s possible — and necessary.