To slow permafrost thawing, bring in the horses

Experiments in Siberia have shown that the presence of large herbivores decelerates permafrost warming. A recent paper suggests that if we let groups of grazers roam throughout the Arctic, they could keep 80% of the world’s permafrost intact until 2100.

The Amazon rainforest could be gone within a lifetime

If we don’t act on preventing the irreversible tipping point, many of us will watch the rainforest shift to a savannah-type ecosystem with a mix of trees and grass within the next 50 years, a new report says.

Teck withdraws application for Frontier oilsands mine

Vancouver-based Teck Resources has withdrawn its application to build a massive oilsands project in northern Alberta. The federal government was slated to make a decision on whether to approve the $20.6-billion, 260,000-barrel-per-day project next week.